It’s happening

This is it. Me, little bitty Anja is starting a blog.

Yesterday I did an insta poll on what my friends New Years resolutions were. A friend wrote she wanted to do something that scares her. Mind you she’s afraid of heights and just went bungee jumping a couple of weeks ago (the funniest video ever). That would’ve definitely been enough scary to last ME a life-time. But no, she wants to do something else that scares her. Crazy girl she is.

Subconsciously I’ve been thinking about her answer all day and now sitting on my computer I thought hey, I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I even bought a domain last year with a girlfriend cause we wanted to start one together but somehow it never happened.

And now, I’m bracing my fear. It’s not so much the fear of writing, which it kind of is as well since English isn’t my first language and I’m in general not the very best at writing, but it is the fear of the commitment and putting myself out there. Writing goes so much deeper than just an insta story. I do love those but you can only say so much within 15 seconds. Writing makes you REALLY think about your words and how you want to express certain thoughts and ideas.

So here it is. MY BLOG
>omg – internally freaking out<

I don’t know what it will entail exactly but I have a few ideas. Travel tips (especially on a budget) for one. The others I’ll figure out along the way.

I’ll try to put up a new blog-post every Monday. Please hold me accountable on that one!!

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Thanks for reading,


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